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Before beginning the test, there are some important rules which you need to know.​


  1. The test can be taken once only.

  2. You have a time limit for the test - {timelimit} minutes.

  3. Logging out and logging in, closing the tab and opening it again or refreshing it will not reset the timer.

  4. You will be notified when there are 10, 5 and 1 minutes left.

  5. Submit the test before the end of the timer, otherwise it will be submitted automatically.

  6. During he test you can access this instructions by clicking the button on the upper right hand corner. Remember, this will not pause the timer!

*any action taken from the 3rd rule will force you to redo the current part again, no extra time will be allowed.


There might be 3 kind of questions - gap-fill, multiple choice, matching.

There are a total of {numberofparts} parts with a total of {numberofquestions} questions:


*all gap-fill answers need to be written in small letters. If it is the first word of a sentence, capitalize the first letter of the first word only .


For each correct answer you will receive 1 point.

For incorrect answers you will neither lose nor receive any points.

Grades will be released immediately after test submission. 

To start the test, click the START button.

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Question 1

Question 1

Question 1

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